Activities of Trust

Activities of Trust are as follows

  • Financial support for education to the deserving poor children
  • Sponsorship of educational materials to Govt. schools
  • Facilitate marriage of poor girls
  • Empowerment of girl child
  • Supporting and encouraging physically challenged persons through purchase of items manufactured by them
  • Participate and provide relief items to victims during natural calamities
  • Medical assistance for the poor people
  • Assist and help with Apparakriya (last rituals) for needy
  • Performing Adi Shankara pooja as required from time to time to spread ADVAITA philosophy to the masses
  • Conducting vedic and sloka classes free of cost
  • Conducting various religious functions from time to time
  • To spread cultural values, and organizing various activities like music, discourses, publish of house magazines, etc..